Spring til indhold

Bliv frivillig

This summer from the 19th -21st of August Permasport and Eir Soccer will host the Women’s football tournament,  Global Goals World Cup and we need YOU to help us make it happen.

Read more about GGWCUP Denmark: https://ggwcup.com/denmark-2022 

Contact Clara, GGWCUP project leader,
if you want to sign up or know more:
M: (+45) 28 29 39 40
E: ct@permasport.dk


Permasport is an organisation made by young entrepreneurs curiously working with sustainability and sports. Together we are exploring new ways of designing green sports events, communicating the Global Goals and using the potential of sports communities to be working together for a course bigger than the sport itself. We are looking forward to collaborating with young creative minds like you.

We take care of our community and the people who step in, therefore you will be in close contact with many of the people in the organisation. We are a very diverse group of people with different competencies, which will secure you great opportunities to learn, get guidance, create networks and develop new skills.


Your collaboration with us will bring you:

  • Network within sport, entrepreneurship, SDG’s and business.
  • The possibility for continuous collaboration on future projects or just for plain interest in joining Permasport. It is only your imagination that sets the limit for what we might do together.
  • Sparring and guidance with Permasport team members who have knowledge within graphic design, budgeting, concept development, project management, branding, social media, event coordination, permaculture, networking, facilitating, sports industry and MUCH more.
  • The possibility of collaborating with a worldwide organisation, Eir Soccer, that is a front runner in reaching the 17 SDG Goals before 2030.
  • A playful environment that puts focus on the people before all.

Sounds interesting? Look into the volunteer position matching your interests:

We are right now in the middle of team sign up, where activist/football teams all over sign up to take part in the Global Goals World Cup. Each team coordinator will be responsible for a few teams.

As our new team coordinator you are skilled at communicating and coordinating.  

Possible tasks:

  • Keeping teams informed
  • organising pre-events
  • coordinating with the rest of the teams
  • facilitating SDG’s workshops
  • Being a part of team meet ups when needed
  • Giving guidance and develop an action plan
  • and much more.

We are in need of a few partnership managers as they will be taking care of one or more of our partnerships. Our partners need a lot of attention and are very important for us.

As our new partnership manager you are good at doing community care and networking and you are full of energy and good vibes.

Possible tasks:

  • Keep responsible updated at all times
  • Check-in with partners
  • Negotiate new possible deals
  • Be a part of planning where partners could take part
  • Plan collaboration

We are looking for event managers who will be responsible (together with our crew) of coordinating and executing the GGWCUP pre-events during the spring and summertime. We are collaborating with the football Club AGF, DFUNK (Danish Refugee Council Youth) and KØN gender museum among others. You are welcome to reach out to hear more about the planned pre-events.

  • Communicating and coordinating with the GGWCUP partnership manager
  • Coordinating with the GGWUCP team coordinators
  • Coordinating and executing the pre-events
  • Follow up with our partners and doing after care  

We are looking for a SoMe manager. Our SoMe manager will be working closely with our PR manager and Marketing manager. Together you will be responsible for developing and communicating our visual identity.

  • Develop a visual identity followed in all our platforms.
  • Storytelling of ambassadors, football teams and partners.
  • Creating content for our SoMe profiles (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Creating content for our GGWCUP landing page and  Permasport web site.

Permasport is based in Frontløberne (Jægergårdsgade 154, Aarhus C), and our volunteers are from all over the country. We are doing both physical gatherings and hybrid meetings. You are welcome to pass by or give us a call.[c]

Global Goals World Cup: https://ggwcup.com/

Global Goals World Cup Denmark: https://ggwcup.com/denmark-2022 

Permasport LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/permasport/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggwcupdk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ggwcup_dk/